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About Us

This ministry follows the biblical dictates to bear one another’s burdens, disciple those in need of guidance, comfort and heal the wounded hearts, and set free those who are spiritually bound or oppressed. The essential components of this ministry are prayer, prayer for healing, freedom from spiritual oppression, spiritual mentoring and direction all under the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit. Ministry to the person is also a process for building joy in the person, giving them strength to go on. The whole person is taken into consideration; spirit, soul, heart, and body. Spiritual healing is as important as emotional and physical healing.

Ministry consists of providing a safe place in which to discover the root of the individual’s issues. Then, with the Holy Spirit’s direction, revelation, and guidance, we explore these root causes and their impact on the individual and thus find direction in praying for them. This leads to finding a place for God to intervene in their lives and an opportunity for them to interact with God. Sound spiritual direction and biblical principles are applied together with prayer for God’s healing. With spiritual direction, each individual will be taught how to apply effective spiritual interventions and use proper biblical principles in his or her life’s situation for their healing process.

We also recognize that when we explore these root causes demonic torment and even demonic strongholds may have been opened in the individual's life. As God interacts and speaks encouragement and truth about the lies, false beliefs and anger, it becomes possible for healing to take place and demonic strongholds are broken. At this point, interfering evil spirits have no right to torment the individual and are simply told to leave. After this the individual generally will experience peace and joy. 

Life brings hurt and that is a simple fact of life. It can be traumatic and have a profound impact on their life and it can be the "normal" hurts that most experienced in life.

We minister to those who:
*Have been the victims of childhood and early life abuse or sexual
*Experienced trauma and are suffering from Post-traumatic Stress  
  Disorder (PTSD) or Dissociative Disorders (MPD /DID)
*Addictive issues (alcohol/substance/sexual)
*Struggle with marital or family issues

We also work with people to:
*Locate and break spiritual strongholds in their lives
*Provide spiritual direction to those who seeking their identiy 

Bill Fizer
Bill Fizer is an ordained minister and has been ministering to wounded people for over 15 years. Prior to commiting to full-time ministry, he had a training consulting business and has brought that experience to the ministry to develop workshops for various topics. Bill works with individuals of all ages with early life trauma, dissociation, suffering from PTSD, and addictions. He works closely with his wife of 34 years, Lisa, with couples dealing with marital and family issues.

Bill also counsels with families in the residential program at House of Hope, York and conducts many of the parenting classes.

Lisa Fizer
Lisa Fizer is an ordained minister who also has been ministering to wounded people for over 15 years. She works with early life trauma/abuse, Ritual Abuse, PTSD, and Dissociation. Lisa also works with teens and families in crisis along with couples experiencing relationship issues. has slots open to take on several new people.

Lisa counsels with the teen girls and parents at House of Hope, York and leads parenting classes.


23 N Pleasant Ave          
Jacobus, PA 17407


Phone: (717) 819-9650 
Phone: (717) 759-0717