We are available to visit your church to conduct seminars and workshops. For the general public, we address topics dealing with living in Christ's fullness in our personal lives. For those involved in ministry, we address a broad spectrum of spiritual dynamics and healing models that we believe to be beneficial to the healing community. Our focus is directed toward ministries who work with or desire to work with persons coming out of sexual, religious, emotional or ritual abuse, cults, the occult, Satanism, and other forms of bondage, as well as the previously mentioned conditions. To learn more about the seminars and workshops that are available, send an email request to or call us at 717-819-9650.

Video Series

Battling Fear and Anxiety
In this video series we look at the roots of fear and anxiety, what God's Word tells us about this enemy and steps you can take to have spiritual victory over this enemy.

Battle of Pornography
This video series looks at the four phases in the Cycle of Pornography that gets us stuck in this repetitive pattern. It also introduces you to God's encouragement along with steps to help end the cycle no matter which phase you are in.

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Upcoming Events

Men's Pornography Support Meeting
Beginning September 22nd, we will be meeting Thursday evenings from 7-8:30pm to explore the cycle of pornography and how it grips each one individually. Working together through prayer, reflection and practical exercises we will see victory by applying God's truth to:

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Boundaries Workshop - October 7th - 7pm-9pm & 8th - 9am-5pm
More details and location to be announced soon!